The Distillery

Established in 2015, Spring Bay Distillery is the realisation of a dream for owners Cam and Suzy Brett. Having shared a love of whisky for over 20 years, building a distillery was a natural culmination of many years of planning and dreaming.

Spring Bay Distillery’s approach to making single malt whisky ensures every part of the process has the highest quality application that can be achieved. The use of premium Tasmanian barley, the quality of the wash, the distilling, the careful selection of casks and importantly using arguably the best water in the world – East Coast Tasmanian rainwater.

Spring Bay on Tasmania’s pristine east coast is situated on latitude minus 42.5 degrees south. Spring Bay’s cool temperate coastal environment produces some of Australia’s finest seafood and cool climate wines.

The influence of Spring Bay’s terroir comes through the water used in the distillery, which is less than 500 metres from the sea. Most afternoons, sea mist drifts up the valley and falls on the roof of the distillery, later collected when the rain falls. This sea salt imparts a unique profile to the water which is both soft and sweet.

Spring Bay Distillery’s 1200 litre Tasmanian made copper pot still works hard as both their ‘wash’ still and ‘spirit’ still.  Produced by renowned still maker Peter Bailly of Knapp Lewer, the Spring Bay Distillery still gently releases a sweet and yet complex spirit that marries with the cask selection beautifully.

The distillery has been fortunate to secure stock of premium Bourbon casks (American Oak) and premium Port casks (French Oak) to mature the spirit. The Bourbon cask will be released at approximately 46% ABV and the Port cask with its inherent sweetness will have a limited release as cask strength (approximately 58% ABV) as ‘The Rheban’ single malt.